The pandemic is easing on down as life returns to… to what?

Same ole, same ole – NOT! The time in isolation gives us pause to reflect on what is essential to carry into or let go of for our future. The visioning process that I learned from Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith’s book Life Visioning came to mind. As I shared this valuable process with several clients, I decided to share it in this blog.

 Put aside some “ME” time with your journal and a pen in a quiet “DO Not Disturb” space. Enter your version of a meditative/prayer state by taking several deep full belly breaths. Pull air deep down inside as you extend your belly. Then WOSH the air out with sound. Repeat several times; let your cares and thoughts melt in a puddle on the floor beside your chair.

Now, close your eyes, breathe slowly as you ponder the following questions. As you contemplate, breathe for a couple of minutes, then write down whatever first comes to mind.

1) What is Spirit’s (fill in your connection to the Divine, Higher Self, God, Jesus, etc.) highest vision and expression for my life at this moment?Wheel of Life

Wheel of LifeWhat is seeking to emerge in my life right now?

Wheel of Life… in my Family life?

 … in my Relationships?

… in my spiritual life and expression?

… in my health and fitness?

… in my personal growth & development?

… in my finances?

… in my career/avocation?

2) What unique skill or talent do I have that helps/serves others? What do I love doing more than anything else in the world?

Change3) What must I become to manifest what my vision is showing me? What is NOW my growing edge? Who and what must I become to fulfill this vision? What must I embrace? Are there any new habits, practices, or actions that I need to add to my life?

4) What am I already that supports this vision? What resources do I already have? What is already in my life that supports and energizes my vision?

5) What must I now let go of for my next stage of growth? What must Now be released? Are there any habits or practices that I need to let go?

Next Stage of Growth6) Is there anything else, any information that I need at this moment to support my vision?

Let your journal notes marinate overnight. Make a note of any insights, “Ahas,” or inspirations that come to you.


Ways to support your vision and keep it alive

Start each day with several deep breaths. Then close your eyes and see yourself in your vision (imagine and feel).
Meditate and ask your Divine guide(s) to support you with insight and ideas to fulfill your vision.
JournalJournal about your vision in each area of your life. Make a Vision Board or cut and paste pictures or doodle in your journal.
Be open to intuition and nudges as you move into your vision. Listen for them.
Be grateful for all that comes to you as each day unfolds, especially nudges.
Create Affirmations to support your vision. Take the Affirmation and write it with bright markers on a 3×5 card or a post-it. Tape that to your mirror so you see it during the day as it reminds your subconscious of your vision.
Bless anything that you let go of as it goes. Thank it for the lesson, the blessing it brought into your life.
Allow the Divine Holy spirit (in your terms) to flow through you.
Be open to JOY. Find a time 2 – 3 times per week to be outdoors in nature, unplugged to embrace the Joy of creation.
Do any forgiveness work needed for yourself or others as you move into your vision. Free your Spirit.Let go of Heavy Baggage
Let GO of the heavy baggage of Regrets, Blames, Grudges, Upsets, Negative Self Talk, Frustrations, Assumptions, Resistance to Change, Comfort Zone Limits, and any other negative feelings as you move into the new YOU and Your Vision.
As you move into your dynamic new vision, you may bump into these barriers: Internal Conflict, Negative Emotions, and Limiting Beliefs. NLP Coaching can eliminate these if you desire. Please call me for a Complimentary Conversation to find out how… 800.242.7648 or email me [email protected]