When you truly listen to conversations, you often hear people’s frustrations. At a recent meeting, I heard one woman express her frustration about her house not selling. Then, she continued about how bad the housing market was and that she and her husband failed to get the house on the market in the best time last summer. On and on it went.
Over worked. Underpaid. Children are frustrating. Work is frustrating.
Life can be frustrating if you let it.
How can you move your thinking from frustration to fulfillment? First, you have to be aware of what you are saying and thinking. Too often we are on autopilot. Thoughts come in and we express them. Retraining our thinking takes a bit of focus. Speak only of what you want, not of what you don’t want.
Next, identify specifically what you want; what your intent is. Fuzzy dreams and fuzzy goals bring fuzzy results. The lady trying to sell the house is an example. I asked her did she really WANT to sell the house. She replied that she loved the house and hated to move. But, she and her husband were both too far from their work. That is a fuzzy intent so no wonder the house has not sold.
Clear intent is a desire with passion behind it.
Passion is the fuel, the positive feeling that moves you from frustration to fulfillment. When you have true passion, you will move over, under, around and through any obstacles to get to your goal. When you have doubt or reluctance, then the intent is murky and that creates frustration. The frustration then leads to conversation about the frustration.
Passion brings out your creativity and serendipity to fuel your intent and action ideas. That leads to results or the fulfillment of your desire. Focus your mind, your mental images and your conversation on what you do want, what you truly intend and leave frustration thoughts and conversation behind.