Empowered by their words.

I love both speaking and coaching. I’m thrilled that others are empowered by my speaking engagements, in coaching sessions, and in my book.

“In my coaching experience with Linda, she has helped me discover who I am, where I want to go, and how to get there. She is supportive, yet skillful in helping me discover what stands in my way (usually me) of having the life I want to have.  I have had a lot of “Ah-Ha” moments with Linda’s coaching.”

Evelyn Horne

Evelyn Horne and Associates

“Linda’s Steel Magnolia wisdom, spunky wit and southern charm have helped her coaching clients move through obstacles and barriers to phenomenal success for the past 20 years. We were thrilled to have her facilitate our Board Retreat.”

Diane de Mailly

2018-2019 President, NAWBO Ventura County

“Linda is remarkable! She has the ability to gather information about an individual and their situation and assist with possible scenarios to improve their life. I spoke with Linda as a life coach telling her my areas of concern. Linda had the ability to pick apart my situation find out what I as an individual wanted for my life it inspired me to make my goals happen. I would definitely consider her for your life coach!”

Kirsten Zettergren

FAADOM Practice Administrator

I went to Linda’s Vision Board Playshop last week and had a blast! It felt amazing to take the time and space to reflect on what I wanted to accomplish this year. I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions so I especially found the workshop helpful.

Diana Arteaga

Freelance copywriter and UX enthusiast

I attended Linda’s workshop on vision boards and had a wonderful experience.  My vision board helped me launch 2019 with a positive, energetic vibe.  The day started with a centering, guided meditation in which we asked our inner selves about our desires for 2019, and what was needed to support those goals.  Then Linda encouraged us to gently let go of what was not needed or would not serve us in creating a beautiful and abundant 2019.  Her Wheel of Life served as a reminder to consider all aspects of life, not just family or career, but hobbies, health, and even romance.

One of the delights of the day for me was the range and quantity of pictures that Linda has archived.  I’ve done vision boards before and spent tons of time looking through magazines, passing them around and searching for a picture that resonated with me.  Linda provided a huge amount of material already cut and sorted by topics.  She also had beautiful and fun baubles, letters, words and various sizes and colors of paper to create your own masterpiece.   The afternoon was fun, chatting with other attendees and creating our vision for 2019.  I look forward to joining her for another kickoff to 2020!

Jane Tierney

CEO of Purple Ink

“We had the pleasure of having Linda presenting to the Thousand Oaks, CA Holistic Chamber of Commerce members about developing a One Page Business Plan. Linda was able to craft a message for our audience that combined her body of expertise with their immediate needs. Her delivery was exemplary. By combining humor, examples, and an informal but highly focused presentation, she gave the audience immediately useful take-aways. True learning took place. The audience left feeling excited and motivated.

Claudia Borges

CEO, Holistic Healing and Health Expo, Reiki Master and Instructor

“I found Linda to be a motivating and captivating speaker. She connects with the audience extremely well and always has innovative ideas to share. Linda delivers meaningful information that can be put into practice immediately. She also poses powerful questions that leave you thinking long after her programs are over. She is one of the most practical and informational speakers today.”

Dr. Matthew Steinberg

General Chairman Texas Dental Association, Program Chairman American Academy of Dental Practice Administration Meeting

“Energetic and easy to listen to. I’ve already started planning time to implement new ideas we learned from Linda.”

Amanda Conti

Kennesaw, Georgia

“Good mix of participation and information. Energetic and fun.”

Marshall Myers,

Tucker, Georgia

Linda Drevenstedt is a very talented, motivational and informative speaker.  I am always captivated by what is she is telling us.  You will not be disappointed to hear what she has to say.

Tina Meyer

Certified Massage Therapist and National Board-Certified Reflexologist and Massage Therapy Instructor

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