After reading Part I of this Stuck Sucks series, you now have a clear vision for your future. Your vision begins your journey to manifestation. Action is next. A vision without action is a pipe dream. Action steps can bring up old mental tapes about why you can’t have your vision, OR your own self-critique floods your thoughts. This can lead to pesky symptoms:
  • procrastination
  • waiting until the time is perfect before doing anything
  • listening to your best friends and family naysayers AND believing them instead of your own heart, mind and soul
  • getting sidetracked by distractions that vie for your time and attention, especially electronic distractions – Candy Crush™ anyone?
  • malaise or talking yourself out of it due to fear of not getting it right; what others will say or think about your actions
Here are several ways that I use to move forward:

    1. Big action for a BIG shiftLIfe Coaching - Get Unstuck Find a retreat, multiday course or personal development event with a known organization. The requirement here is to leave town and be away from home for a couple days minimum. This is an investment of time and money into YOUR future. These are at least a few to consider:
    2. Middle size action idea Take an online course in personal development OR find a life coach to work with you to reach your vision. As a business owner, when I was ready for my business to grow or re-size, a coach would appear to help me re-tool my thinking, my self-image or help me overcome my barriers to reaching more of my potential. My coaches include: business growth coaches, professional speaking coaches, personal growth coaches, and relationship coaches.
    3. Jim Rohn QuoteSmall action steps Read an inspirational book or listen to one from Audible®. The one I am listening to now is Jim Rohn’s Classic Library. My favorite for claiming your vision is Michael Beckwith’s Life Visioning. Dr. Beckwith’s process is worth listening to more than once. Your car is a rolling classroom and I learned to use mine for that purpose years ago. The news is not going to get you unstuck. Your fav music station or Pandora® is not going to get you unstuck. But, there may be wisdom in a non-fiction, personal development book or podcast. Click here to check out my Reading List
    But don’t stop there.
    Keep a journal. One way to use your journal is to write what author Julia Cameron calls, “Morning Pages”, two or three handwritten pages about anything that is on your mind. Every day for at least a month, write your two or three pages. Journaling ideas, thoughts and musings helps flush out barriers, old tapes that need to be re-booted, or just allows you time to be creative. Recently, I added colored pencil sketches to my journal. It helps me use my creative side, and no one will ever judge my doodling. This journal is private and not shared or reviewed. It serves to flush out, so you can refill.
    Also use your journal to write ideas from the book you are listening to or reading. These notes can be your own personal mantras, encouragements and Action Plans. Use post-its on your desk or mirror to remind you of new ideas and thought patterns.
    Big, Medium, or Small, take a new step to get Unstuck. Staying stuck and mired in excuses and thoughts of what you do not want creates negative energy. Steps toward something new breaks that cycle and allows the positive future you deserve to gradually emerge. Be well and joyous on your path!
    Call LndaIf a vision for your future is not coming clear, remember this is the special process that a Life Coach  such as yours truly facilitates. Call me😊 800.242.7648.