Synapses -Oh, what a tangled web of neural synapses we have formed over a life of impressions, events, people, places, things and happenings that are both joyous and sad. Every–and I mean every–event and encounter has been judged as a joy or a sorrow, as an OK thing to happen again or as something to be avoided at all costs by our ever protective subconscious. Then, in each present moment our busy and diligent mind is forming its own research project to determine if this new sight, sound, smell or feeling has happened before. The neural pathways go looking for the prior event to see if “we” are OK with this current happening. If there is any indicator that a similar occurrence might happen, our neural pathways light up to warn us of the impending joy or danger. The sad, the lonely, the scary, the inadequate, the inferior, the rejected and the painful feelings in our life create deep ruts. Therefore, more often than not, danger is discovered. The danger, the dread, and the worst case scenario plays a game with us to show us what might be happening, to show us how we felt before, and to create a re-action plan to protect us.
It is almost as if we are living only a linear life of experiences that replay for us. In the moment between the current experience and that neural research going on in our subconscious, those automatic reactions – there is an opening for a creative thought to intercede. Oh, to capture that instantaneous flash and redirect the “reaction” into a new neural pathway. That is the moment to connect with the magical infinite creativity of the God mind that we are immersed within.
Oh, to STOP those opportunities and to redirect that monkey mind that runs away with our joy, dashing it into the rotting old images of the past. Those lost times of reaction putrefy our loving relationships and stagnate our soul’s journey to love.
Ah, but we are the masters of that neural pathway. We alone are the rulers of the heart and soul over the subconscious mind. We are the players of the game and we are the pawns of the game. Move after move, synapse after synapse we are either caught in the rushing energy of the past pushing its way into our present OR we marshal our God-given creativity and become the director of the game. Owning the past as it was and as the past. Opening up to the now, we are able to create through our continual connection to the Divine. The creative divine mind is there all the time – ready, willing and able to carry us into moments of the bliss and joy, of acceptance and love.