Find YOur PathWhat if you followed your own inner heart/soul desire?

Data on Star Trek is an android, a computer-generated being. Periodically one of Data’s computer chips would malfunction and its behavior changed. The chip had to be repaired or replaced so that Data could function at its highest level.

We, too, have soft tissue chips that often malfunction and need a repair or replacement. One of the damaged chips many of us carry around is the “THEY” chip. This chip as it malfunctions can ruin and run our lives.

“THEY” are the tapes, voices, and good opinions of others in our lives that we carry in our mind and in our heart. THEY can often keep us from fulfilling our own life path. We can proceed through life unaware of the “THEY” influence on our behavior, our feelings, and our thoughts about ourselves and even about others.

The “THEY” voice in our thoughts is programmed into our subconscious chip early in life. Some say it begins at conception, certainly at birth. The scripts, expectations, and programming that “THEY” gave and give us becomes a visceral integration into our being, often without our conscious knowledge. Much like a copy machine places no value on the items copied. You can copy great poetry or you can copy smut. Our subconscious mind takes in impressions, feelings, stories, emotional reactions, expectations, and programs from the “THEYS” in our world. “THEY” tell you:


  • are clumsy
  • will never amount to much
  • are beautiful
  • can’t run your own business
  • are sickly
  • can’t be a musician (artist) and earn a living
  • must clean your plate
  • are not good at math, a good speller, writer, etc.
  • are very smart
  • are a slow reader
  • are so far ahead of your class
  • have no rhythm
  • can’t trust “those” people
  • need to be married, to have children
  • can’t hit a ball

What are “THEY” telling you right now? Write you own list. It is good to become aware of the “THEY” influence in your life.