Linda takes you on her journey from professional dental consultant to Retirement Coach
Failing retirement has been an interesting journey for me. Maybe once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur?  Let me catch you up…
butterfly cocoonA butterfly was once in a cocoon. Snakes periodically shed their skin to keep growing. Life invites us to re-invent and re-imagine. In 2014, Ted and I moved to Ventura, CA to be near family. As I then flew in and out of LAX to see clients, I grew weary of the travel. Hence, I was ready for change.
In 2017, four capable dental consultant associates bought my dental consulting business. Then, I began to explore “What’s Next?” I was not ready to settle into golf and TV. I gave volunteering a go and decided that was like having a boss in different clothing.
During this transformation, I recalled how life coaches helped me pre-divorce, after divorce, and then building healthy relationships with Ted and my adult children. Business coaches helped me build my consulting business and taught me how to sell it. I personally know the life changing value of coaches.
Patrick Harbula, a minister, life coach, and native American shaman first taught me coaching. Patrick became my teacher, coach and mentor as I learned the skills of a Life Coach.  In 2018, I became a Certified Life Coach under Patrick’s tutelage.
As I began seeing clients, I knew this was the right new path for me. I delight in my client’s “Aha’s” as they break through limiting beliefs and barriers to success in relationships, in business and in life.
Being devoted to personal growth and a dedicated lifelong learner, I kept studying. One favorite life coach used NLP, Neuro-linguistic Programming* as her core coaching methodology. I still recall her helping me break through some old limiting beliefs and barriers.   California is NLP’s birthplace, so it is rife with NLP courses. After exploring, I chose Michael Stevenson’s Transform Destiny course and certification.

Transform Destiny has opened a “Whole New World” (kudos to Disney for the phrase) for me and my clients as I Re-Tool.  My first level was NLP Practitioner.  Next, came NLP Master Practitioner.  These two levels of methodologies now help my clients.  My NLP training includes:

√ Master Life Success Coach
√ Master Business and Relationship Coach
√ Master Time Techniques Coach
√ Master NLP Practitioner

All of the above are credentialed through the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners.
*NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming was created in California in the 1970’s. NLP’s basis is modeling excellence and looking at the connection between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns that we learn through experience (programming).  Once understood, the programing that is not serving the client can be identified and the patterns can be changed to achieve a more successful and fulfilling life.
Along the path, I discovered that I was not the only Baby Boomer who failed retirement. There are many of us who seem to want to re-invent retirement and not settle for the old model our parents followed.  Thus, I added Retirement Coaching to my expertise.
Re-Engaging includes completing one third of a new book. The working title is Paths to Re-Imagined Retirement: A Field Guide for Savvy Retirees.  My research for the book led me to offer an upcoming course on my methods and processes of Re-Imagining Retirement. Check out this EventBrite link to find out more: .Or view it in the Event page section of this website.
Life is good. My new business is growing. I want it to remain at a size that allows me to enjoy my grandchildren, enjoy adventures with Ted and time to be of service at my spiritual center.